Registration Info

Men's, Co-ed, all High School Leagues

Sign Up a Team

Follow the link to our Sign Up page. One player (coach, captain) signs the team up, then other players can join. Teams will be capped at 12 players!

Sign Up as an Individual

Follow the link to our Sign Up page. Choose the appropriate league, and join as an individual. Soccer Time will add players to teams, or create teams as needed by the number of individuals signed up. Don't let not having a team stop you from having fun!

When do we play?

High School and Adult leagues will play Weeknights, starting as early as 6:30 pm and as late as 9:30 pm.

Youth Leagues will be played primarily on Saturdays, with some weeknights scheduled as needed.

Schedules with specific days and times will be created after the registration period has closed.

If you have any questions, please check our Contact Info and either call or email Soccer Time.

Youth Leagues
(U14, U11, U8, U6)

U6 Coed Teams will play on a half field. Play will consist of 5 players, no goalie. They will shoot at a painted goal, and restart at each score. No score will be kept. Teams will consist of 10 players. All teams U14 and below will require an adult "coach" to be at the games. They can be on the field helping with play. This does not have to be the same person that signs up the team. Please be sure to fill out shirt size info when you register your child!

U8, U11, U14 League teams will play full field, and can have 12 players on the roster.

Soccer Time does NOT provide coaches or practice time.

Any parent willing to volunteer coach, or any person willing to volunteer coach that does not have a child participating, please email us!!

If you don't have a specific team you'd like to join, sign up as an individual and Soccer Time will put you on a team at the end of registration based on team needs. Don't let not having a team stop you from having fun!

Team Sizes
U8 and U6no goalkeeper (5 vs 5)
U116 plus goalkeeper (7 vs 7)
U14, High School,
and Adult Men's
5 plus goalkeeper (6 vs 6)
Adult Coed*5 plus goalkeeper (6 vs 6)

* There must be 3 women on the field at all times; a woman can be the goalkeeper.